The Department of DIY, Los Angeles

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Some months ago people started noticing around LA many “Caution: Please Pass With Care” signs with a bicycle on them, in a explicit prayer to watch your back from the dense traffic around those spots. We found out who’s the people behind those actions via Freshjive’s blog “Worlds got problems”, and discovered a group of guerrilla citizen-artists who call themselves “The Department of DIY”. I dont know why but, especially nowadays, in this “era of communication”, i still consider very important and somehow seriously groundbreaking the simple fact that people has the chance to cooperate and work together for the good of the community. This is a very bright example.
Here’s a video about them:

Here you can read their manifesto:

The Department of D.I.Y. is a vast group of concerned cyclists and commuters living in Los Angeles some of whom are victims of road rage, hit and runs and / or harassment, many of whom feel that motorists do not fully respect their rights to use our common streets, all of whom wish for a safer more amicable relationship with motor vehicle traffic.

Because this beloved city of Los Angeles can’t, won’t or doesn’t care about the safety of vulnerable road users, the Department of D.I.Y. aims to make a broad appeal to drivers via the campaign. The message “Please Pass With Care” is not intended to be political, nor is it intended to criticize the driver’s choice of transportation mode, it is a simple message of empathy. It is an honest straight forward appeal to drivers to give bicycle riders a brake, some room on the road, and some common human respect. The lives of cyclists are literally in their hands.

Everywhere people drive cars.

The sooner that the message gets out the better. A lot of blood has been spilled in the streets. Every week that goes by, another hit and run, or another close call, or another chilling case of harassment occurs. This can not be tolerated.

This public appeal is to be spread in a respectful manner in the public space with maximum visibility to drivers.


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Now go and spread your fuckin bullshit on vegan straight edge message boards on how its insane to support an artist like Immortal Techique. I dont care, i dont want to pay attention to how stupid and flat brained your comments might be. Just do yourself a favor and watch this interview and start activating your critical mind. Dig deeper outside your lil circle and look at the bigger struggle picture. Vegan Straight Edge means nothing if you dont learn anything from it. Peace.XVX


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Outlaw bicycling, urban permaculture, biofuels, free software, even the Burning Man festival, are windows into a scarcely visible social transformation that challenges politics as we know it. As capitalism continues its inexorable push to corral every square inch of the globe into its logic of money and markets, new practices are emerging that are redefining politics. In myriad ways, people are taking back their time and technological know-how from the market and in small under-the-radar ways, are making life better right now. In doing so, they also set the foundation—technically AND socially—for a genuine movement of liberation from market life. The social networks thus created, and the practical experience of cooperating outside of economic regulation, become a breeding ground for new strategies and tactics to confront the everyday commodification to which capitalism reduces us all.Nowtopia uncovers resistance and rebellion amidst fractions of a slowly recomposing working class in America. Rarely self-identifying as mere ‘workers,’ people from all walks of life are doing incredible amounts of work in their “free” “non-work” time. This unpaid work is creating immediate practical improvements in daily life. More interesting still, these myriad initiatives constitute a more thorough-going refusal of politics and economics as usual. In Nowtopia, Marx’s concept of the General Intellect is freshly applied to the disparate initiatives that are percolating largely out of public sight. Building on the investigative methodology developed by autonomist Marxists in Europe and the U.S.A., Carlsson recontextualizes the so-called “middle class” as an example of working class recomposition. The practical rebellions outlined in this book embody a deeper challenge to the basic epistemological underpinnings of modern life, as a new ecologically-driven politics emerges from below to reshape our assumptions about science, technology and human behavior.The semi-conscious war between these life-affirming, self-emancipating behaviors and the coercive domination of money, property, and survival amidst contrived scarcity is the core investigation of this book.


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Go on and download their free new album…its amazing!!!

I personally love the song called “OVERDOSE” as it represents perfectly what i always considered true addiction. Be inspired.

Eblood Tribute to the Vegan Straightedge X Years Anniversary

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Everything inspires us. From political, environmental and animal rights issues to fairtrade, music, poetry, fashion, trips, tattoes, vegan recipes, bikes, books, spirituality, street-art, self sufficient and organic farming, everything, absolutely everything we live our life by. 10 years have passed but our motivation is still super strong and unaltered. Human, animal and earth liberation are still the key words we rule our company that was born in 1999 as the first ever veganstraightedge clothing company of all times that also made it well and solid out of the hardcore world. Now here we are with our 10 year anniversay tribute collection. Keep yourself tuned and be sure you drop us a line or stop by to say whats up at festivals around the globe. Peace out everyone. xfabiox