Eblood Tribute to the Vegan Straightedge X Years Anniversary

posted by Fabio on 2010.04.23, under Uncategorized

Everything inspires us. From political, environmental and animal rights issues to fairtrade, music, poetry, fashion, trips, tattoes, vegan recipes, bikes, books, spirituality, street-art, self sufficient and organic farming, everything, absolutely everything we live our life by. 10 years have passed but our motivation is still super strong and unaltered. Human, animal and earth liberation are still the key words we rule our company that was born in 1999 as the first ever veganstraightedge clothing company of all times that also made it well and solid out of the hardcore world. Now here we are with our 10 year anniversay tribute collection. Keep yourself tuned and be sure you drop us a line or stop by to say whats up at festivals around the globe. Peace out everyone. xfabiox